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Equine Assisted Learning

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Do you ever…

Feel judged
Worry about the future
Feel afraid
Feel invisible
Have self doubt

Horses Will…

Never judge
Show you how to be in the moment
Make you step up into your role
Really SEE the true you
Encourage action
Always be honest and direct

If so, we invite you to experience Brave Horse’s Equine Assisted Learning (EAL) programs. We provide a safe, fun environment where self-discovery happens!

Welcome to Brave Horse

Equine assisted learning
Equine assisted learning
Equine assisted learning

What is EAL?

  • EAL is a personal skill-building program where the horses are the teachers
  • Custom designed exercises
  • Participants work on the ground with horses
  • Participants aged 4 and over
  • ndividual one-on-one sessions
  • Groups of 2 to 6 participants
  • No horse experience is necessary

Working with horses creates a unique memory that causes the participants to remember the learning far longer than if sitting in “just another classroom.”

Participants are empowered while working through group exercises with a focus on developing individual qualities while having fun.

Why horses?

The Quick Facts:

Horses are large and powerful animals. They take participants out of their comfort zones.

Horses are highly perceptive.

  • They can hear our heartbeats.
  • They pick up on when we aren’t being our true selves.
  • And they let us know every single time!

Horses offer a safe, accepting environment where participants can go on a journey of self-discovery.

  • Horses are always honest.
  • They do not have prejudice.
  • They do not judge.

The Details:

Horses communicate clearly, honestly and instantly. In a horse’s world, teamwork is respected and expected. Any conflicts are handled swiftly so that life in the herd maintains balance. Horses communicate in the same way with people – that is why listening to what horses have to say is powerful. Powerful enough to inspire change!

Horses have the ability to identify calm emotions versus other emotions. This means that horses can sense what is REALLY going on inside us. Horses are not interested in what we present to the world; they are interested in our true selves. Horses may be constantly assessing us, but they will never judge us.

By including horses in specially designed learning programs, participants are given the opportunity for self-discovery. Through listening to what a horse is saying to us (non-verbally), we have the opportunity to lead participants to experience personal development.

Meet Miranda and the horses!

Book a meet and greet at no cost. You will get to learn more about EAL, ask questions, and see if our programs are a good fit for your family. Please contact us for booking availability.

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